William Bando

Administrator calls for community support

All he needs now, is support from the people.

Speaking at the farewell of Senior Provincial Magistrate Vincent Haralia, Mr Bando said he is optimistic that all the infighting and killing will come to a stop.

Hela continues to face a breakdown of law and order, which most often stems from land owner issues, non-payment of royalties, compounded with the high number of weapons being smuggled into the province.

NBPOL donates K50,000 to quake disaster

Receiving the donations on behalf of the provincial governments was Hela Administrator William Bando.

New Britain Palm Oil Country Manager, Robert Nilkare, said the least they can do is to assist the quake disaster by donating K50,000 to the victims.

He said although it was a substantial amount but they do feel for the victims in the quake disaster provinces.  

“We are very sorry and our condolences to those families who have lost loved ones and properties.”

Service on Potape 'difficult'

Hela Provincial Administrator Bando filed a contempt motion in the Waigani National Court, seeking orders to have Potape charged with contempt for allegedly breaching an order from May 26.

Anthony Waira, who acts for Bando, told the court today they are having difficulties in effecting serve on Potape.

Police attempted to serve Potape last week outside court however, he got away after attending a hearing in an election petition he filed disputing Philip Undialu's win. 

Bando seeks contempt charges against Potape

He is seeking the orders of the court to have Potape charged with contempt of court for allegedly breaching an order of the court from May 26.

The contempt proceeding arises from a judicial review filed by Bando regarding his suspension on April 12.

Bando alleges that Potape disobeyed a court order from May 26, restraining him from interfering with the Hela executive council.

It is alleged that despite that restraining order, Potape went ahead and appointed a new provincial Election Steering Committee for the Hela Province.

​Province confident of smooth polling

Hela Provincial Administrator, William Bando, said since the deployment of the security forces in Hela, the election process has been progressive with less violence.

Bando said despite public perception, Hela is still a young and developing province with a lot of potential.

However, he said security is still a concern, considering the recent Hela call-out.

Bando will be having a word with the heads of the security forces to discuss the possibilities of looking into suspected areas where raids can be conducted to secure illegal weapons in the province.

​Review of Bando's suspension set

The judicial review will take place on Thursday, 8 June, before Justice Leka Nablu.

The review was allowed to go ahead after the court was satisfied that he had serious issues to be heard and that his suspension should be stayed to make sure the operations of the Hela Provincial Government went ahead uninterrupted.

Lawyer for the Hela Provincial Executive Council and Governor Francis Potape have filed an application asking the court to dismiss the proceeding. That will also be heard on Thursday.

Bando's lawyer today also indicated he will be filing an application.

​Court stays Bando’s suspension

The court was satisfied that he had serious issues to be heard by the court and that his suspension should be stayed to make sure the operations of the Hela Provincial Government went ahead uninterrupted.

Bando will remain as Provincial Administrator while the court reviews the manner in which he was suspended. He was suspended on April 15.

​Bando still performing PA role

The legal battle over the post of the Provincial Administrator returned to the Waigani National Court on Tuesday where submissions were made by lawyers for Bando and the Hela Provincial Executive Council.

Bando’s lawyer, Anthony Waira, moved his motion seeking interim stay orders against his client’s suspension while Hela PEC’s lawyer, Philip Ame, asked the court to dismiss the entire proceeding.

Justice Leka Nablu heard submissions and reserved her ruling to Friday.  

Court battle over Hela PA post continues

A large crowd of supporters flooded the Waigani National Court precinct today hoping to hear a positive outcome of the case however it was adjourned to next Tuesday.

A number of motions will be heard by the court next week before Justice Leka  Nablu.

They include a motion that was filed by suspended Hela Provincial Administrator William Bando, who is seeking interim orders against his suspension.

Bando files stay application against suspension

The motion was filed soon after the Waigani National Court agreed to review his suspension last month.

Leave was granted by Justice Les Gavara-Nanu after Bando’s lawyers established that there were serious issued to be tried and that he had sufficient interest in the case.

Bando’s lawyer returned to court today and the matter was set for hearing on Thursday.

They will be asking the court to stay his suspension from office. Bando is also seeking restraining orders against the Public Service Minister, Hela Provincial Executive Council and its Chairman Francis Potape.