Polye to push for settlers' relocation

Opposition Leader, Don Pomb Polye will be pushing for the relocation of displaced residents of Morata settlement in the nation’s capital.

Polye said he will be writing to NCD governor, Powes Parkop and Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill to have an alternative plan to help resettle the displaced residents.

Polye, who visited the displaced residents at Morata said he is saddened to see citizens of this nation mistreated in the name of development.

He said any developer must resettle the settlers before developing the land.

“Basic human rights have been abused, displacing mothers and children in the name of development,”

Polye met with the leaders of the displaced community and gave an undertaking to bring up their grievances with concerned authorities.

The settlers wanted a form of compensation for the loss of their properties and be relocated to a vacant land outside the city.

Thousands of people have been displaced when a private company which has the title to the land moved in with bulldozers and police escort to level their properties to ground zero.

The people are still camping out there despite the bulldozers at work.

Freddy Mou