Police Traffic boss: We will target drunkards

The culture of consuming alcohol must change so that people can enjoy their celebrations instead of getting into unnecessary dangerous or even fatal situations.

Assistant Police Commissioner of Traffic Jerry Frank says that this Independence celebrations should be about more than just drinking.

He challenged people to be mindful of how they go about spending their time.

 “This Independence police will make it their business to keep all drunkards caught off the roads,” he said.

Each year police report that many lives are lost or affected by unnecessary accidents that are caused by drink driving. Frank says that men and women must change their mentality when it comes to drinking and driving.

 “Keep out of liquor, otherwise one too many can lead to dangerous or fatal accidents,” Frank said.

With the numerous Independence celebrations in place Frank is warning residents both within towns and travelling along main road systems to observe basic safety rules and avoid unnecessary accidents.

“One too many can make a difference in saving your life and living on to the next Independences”, hence Frank adds that people should not over –indulge and live to see another day.

He also adds that there are also innocent non-drinking people travelling along the roads so those who drink and drive should be considerate of them and hopefully live on to see another day.

Julianna Waeda