Police Traffic

Clamping down on un-roadworthy vehicles

Road Transport Authority (RTA) and Traffic Police will conduct a one-month operation in April to clamp down on un-roadworthy vehicles causing overcrowding and long queues of vehicles during peak hours.

Road Traffic Authority CEO, Nelson Terema told Loop PNG that the operation will ensure there is an effective and quality transport system in the city.

“This operation is basically to get rid of those unworthy and unlicensed vehicles. We will impound them at a yard in Hohola.

Suspect in Laufa death will not go uncharged, says police

Director for Police Traffic, Joe Joseph told Loop PNG that the big challenge with the case is that it is only built around the witness statements from those who had seen what happened before and after the incident.

Police Traffic boss: We will target drunkards

Assistant Police Commissioner of Traffic Jerry Frank says that this Independence celebrations should be about more than just drinking.

He challenged people to be mindful of how they go about spending their time.

 “This Independence police will make it their business to keep all drunkards caught off the roads,” he said.

Each year police report that many lives are lost or affected by unnecessary accidents that are caused by drink driving. Frank says that men and women must change their mentality when it comes to drinking and driving.