Independence celebrations

People’s Safety Guaranteed

The Southern Highlands police held a parade at the Imbonggu district office at Walume, last Saturday to assure the public of their safety.

Member for Imbonggu, Pila Niningi took time off to inspect the parade and make sure everything was in order and set before the show.

Deputy Operation and eastern end Commander Senior Inspector, Philip Kumo said manpower for the operation consists of 156 men divided into four zones.

Police: Peaceful celebrations in Manus

Provincial Police Commander, chief inspector David Yapu, said the main celebrations were staged at Independence Park in Lorengau town with flag raising by PNGDF HMPNGS Tarangau in the morning and lowering of the flag in the afternoon.

The Governor of Manus, Charlie Benjamin, who was the guest speaker, delivered a keynote address on the occasion of the 43rd Independence Anniversary to the people of Manus.

Yapu said the Police were out in full force to ensure the celebrations were staged peacefully and orderly.

WNB celebrates Independence in style

There were floats, marches and bicycle rides around town and a joint police and Correction service parade was held and was reviewed by Governor Sasindran Muthuvel

Muthuvel, when delivering his speech urged the people of WNB to uphold the values of family and unity among themselves.

He said positive thoughts and actions will always bring out positive results.

He added that our communities have our own cultures and must be followed and respected at all times.

Madang district will have better independence celebration next year

Minister Duban said this on Thursday while commenting on the need for people to celebrate independence in a true Madang way.

Duban said next year Madang District Development Authority (MDDA) will put K200,000 for independence celebration to bring together the people of Madang district from three three LLG’s Ambenob, MULLG and Transgogol.

He said next year will be bigger and better and people will celebrate in a true Madang way and with music, traditional and singsing festival.

Lae residents in PNG colors

Lae MP Loujaya Kouza in addressing the people of Lae city during the 41st Independence anniversary celebrations at the Sir Ignatius Kilage stadium admitted that there were problems deterring day to day operations of the Police force but with a young head like Wagambie, he is able to lead his 200 plus men.

“To have a young man like you Met Supt to tame 200 plus man in Morobe is not an easy road but you have managed to tackle law and order in the province with what you have,” Ms Kouza said.

Black brothers Add Flavour to Independence Celebrations

And it was in fact a very packed crowd, as people, still in their national colours, finished their 41st Independence celebrations with the band that set the foundation to the music industry.

38 years ago, the Black Brothers of West Papua, came to PNG on tour and lifted the music scene in PNG and inspired the birth of music recording label Chin H Min.

Lae celebrates at Sir Ignatius Kilage stadium

Many turned up in the black, red and gold colours – patriotism filled the air as residents witness a guard of honour provided by the soldiers of the Engineering battalion from Igam barracks.

Despite the heavy downpour in the morning this did not dampen the number of people who turned up.

Lae MP Loujaya Kouza dressed in the national colors was the special guest at the ceremony and called on unity to prevail as one people, one country and one nation.

Residents flock to inaugural Paga Hill Street Festival

This is the second day of this first-ever event, which began since 9 o'clock this morning.

At least more than a thousand of the city's residents have come out onto the street in their colours of black, red, yellow and white.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop, expressed appreciation on the turnout of the event.

"I am overwhelmed by the response and I am so proud of our people despite all our challenges, they still appreciate their country.

"Great success for the Street and Music festival and it can only get better from now on," he said.

Kimbe Town celebrate with march past

A large convoy of vehicles backed the students with locals dressed in traditional attires as they sing traditional hymns and chants and marched to the Kimbe Independence Park.

Private vehicles and PMV’s around town also decorated their vehicles with the Provincial and National flags while the public are all dressed in red, black and gold to mark the countries 41st anniversary.

All residents including nearby villages from the two main highways Talasea and Hoskins also came into town for the opening ceremony.






Police Traffic boss: We will target drunkards

Assistant Police Commissioner of Traffic Jerry Frank says that this Independence celebrations should be about more than just drinking.

He challenged people to be mindful of how they go about spending their time.

 “This Independence police will make it their business to keep all drunkards caught off the roads,” he said.

Each year police report that many lives are lost or affected by unnecessary accidents that are caused by drink driving. Frank says that men and women must change their mentality when it comes to drinking and driving.