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2016 Hiri Hanenamo crowned

The Hiri Hanenamo Queen has finally been crowned at the Hiri Moale Festival.

Gerehu 24 markets destroyed

More than 10 stalls and market table belonging to informal sector vendors at the famous twenty-four hour market at Gerehu, stage 3B were destroyed and burnt by police during a morning raid yesterday.

Hurricane Matthew is strongest storm in Atlantic in nine years

The most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic for nine years is moving towards Jamaica with wind speeds of up to 260km/h (160mph), strong enough to wreck houses.

Samsung: Have 'exploding' Galaxy Note 7s burned the brand?

Samsung is resuming sales of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in South Korea following a safety recall. They are set to return to Europe on 28 October.

Bomana hosts public servants soccer challenge

The National Capital District Public Servants Soccer Association (NCDPSSA) soccer competition began its season games three weeks ago featuring over twenty teams spread across six divisions.