PNC holds major fundraiser

People’s National Congress party held a fundraiser last night which saw the who’s who of the PNG government, business and private sector all converge at the Indoor complex of the Sir John Guise Stadium.

120 tables were sold at K50,000 a piece with guests treated to recitals, song performances from Jokema and Tina Arina as well as a progressive interview piece by John Eggins on the progressive benchmark set by the PNC party.

PNC Party leader and Prime Minister Peter O’Neil said despite its young 20 year age group, PNC has been able to form government twice because it has the trust of its colleagues and people.

He says the party has worked hard in the past few years to continue to meet its target development years and stated that they were confident in returning, securing power as they have shown the country what is possible through smart political leadership.

Despite the challenges faced, O’Neill says this has made this government stronger in also achieving all the key development areas set out in the Alotau Accord.

He says in education an extra one million children are now in school, more money has been put in the health care system as a result many people can get better health care.

Law and order has been dealt with the shift in emphasis to increase personnel leading to a change of law and order issues in urban areas throughout the country making PNG a better place.

While the investment in infrastructure while painful due to neglect from past years, will see PNG achieve as much as the country can with the limited resources and funding available to build cities right across the country.

One of the most memorable achievements of this government is the development in the districts throughout the country.

Close to K3 billion has been put into districts some of which have not seen government presence over the last 40 years, this has resulted in the recent leaders’ summit having many of the rural districts present many of their areas.

Many developments such as roads and schools as well as aid posts have been set up in these rural areas.

O’Neill reiterated to the many pledgers that the support given to PNC is appreciated by millions of people throughout the country.


Julianna Waeda