PMV looted of goods along Four-Mile stretch in Lae

A PMV truck was looted last Wednesday while transporting store goods belonging to a businessman in Bulolo for his trade store along Four-Mile close to the Raikos market.

The truck was reported to have reached Fou-Mile when it was held up and emptied of all its belongings by criminals along the road.

Police were alerted via mobile phone of the incident but upon arriving at the scene, the suspects had already gone into hiding with the good and belongings.

Lae Provincial Police Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr says that it was an isolated incident of which criminals had planned to hold up any PMV and run away with the goods.

Wagambie Jnr says what had happened to the businessman and those that work hard to earn a kina us regrettable and criminals who went on to commit this crime have no idea of the hardship others have to go through to achieve and condemned this criminal behavior.

He says that in the past weeks, Miles area has been seeing an increase in petty crimes and looters taking advantage of travellers adding that four attempts of hold ups have been reported with cars, buses and trucks travelling along that same stretch of road.

PMV drivers are urged to carefully observe the types of passengers they are carrying. 

Annette Kora