Parkop: Please get your facts right Mr Polye

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has described Opposition Leader’s claims on the informal sector as baseless and without fact.

Parkop said he (Polye) must be in some dream land or  hallucinating. 

Parkop told Loop PNG that he never made such decision to remove informal sector from the city. 

“Did he hear me or was he present when I made such announcement? 

“As far as I am concern neither I, nor the Commission has made any such decision. 

“This was a decision made by the police based on their safety and security consideration. It is only a temporary decision to deal with security issues. The police made that very clear. 

“They said "until further notice". 

“We have not oppose that decision because it was based on security assessment by police command in the city. 

“We will work with police to work out the long term,” Parkop told Loop PNG via mobile phone. 

He said for Opposition leader to made conclusion without knowing the facts shows the man is just desperate to score political points without daring to find out the real facts. 

“It's irresponsible on his part to make such conclusion without finding out the facts. We all want our people to have space to generate income but we also want to maintain high standard of safety and security in the City. 

“I hope Opposition Leader understands this and not allowing his political prejudice to blind his comments,” says Parkop.

Polye in a conference yesterday criticized NCD Governor as ‘nonsense’, ‘hypocrite’ and a confused leader like a doctor who tries to provide diagnosis to patients but ends up giving the wrong medications.

He said Parkop was to be blamed for all the informal sector problems in the city because his rogue policemen went on a rampage kicking and bullying the informal sector people in the city.

However, Parkop has called on Polye to get his facts right before making outrageous claims.

Freddy Mou