Gordons market

Hipkins market visit

The joy, laughter, cheer and energy of the people was enough to relay a message to the people of New Zealand, that their investment in gifting Gordons Market to PNG, has played a significant role in empowering the people of PNG.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop, accompanied Prime Minister Hipkins on this visit. He highlighted that fresh fruits and vegetables are either shipped or air freighted to Gordons Market to meet the food demands of NCD residents.

Vendors Against Vaccination

During the awareness program at the Gordons market last Friday, 29th of October, NCD Governor, Powes Parkop and the NCDC team were met with resentment and an eruption of disagreement from the crowd.

Vendors made it clear that they have decided against getting the COVID-19 vaccination. They said they are willing to follow the ‘Niupla Pasin’ protocols but will not take the vaccine.

While the Government maintains its stance that vaccination is voluntary, the vendors have also appealed to the Governor not to enforce the “No vaccine, No entry” policy in the city.

Unidentified man found dead

Gordon police personnel were alerted to the crime scene by security guards, who discovered the body.

Police reported that the victim looked to be in his early 30s.

He was found wearing an orange shirt, a blue cap, and carrying a small green bag.

Police have appealed to city residents with any information relating to the person’s death, to come forward and assist.

Gordons Market still under construction

Loop PNG has observed construction workers hard at work clearing up what was left of the rotting buildings and vending spaces.

The renovation and refurbishment will be a boost for the city residents as it will be upgraded from what is was before to housing a two storey structure.

This will also include an extension of the old market area to cater for more vendors of fresh produce.

VIDEO: Calls to cater for vendors

This was stated by the NCDC market planning and contracts supervisor Rex Kuman.


Imelda Wavik with more 

Parkop: Please get your facts right Mr Polye

Parkop said he (Polye) must be in some dream land or  hallucinating. 

Parkop told Loop PNG that he never made such decision to remove informal sector from the city. 

“Did he hear me or was he present when I made such announcement? 

“As far as I am concern neither I, nor the Commission has made any such decision. 

“This was a decision made by the police based on their safety and security consideration. It is only a temporary decision to deal with security issues. The police made that very clear. 

“They said "until further notice". 

Bus drivers meet at Unagi

Several leaders have spoken to the group to get them to come to a consensus with issues that they face operating at Gordon market.

Now the NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi is addressing the crowd and telling them to come out with a petition.

He says that the police will help facilitate for the appropriate authorities from NCD to the transport authorities to deal with operational issues that they have.

For now, there are no buses on the road as operators are meeting to come up with a petition. 

Residents and workers hit the road… on foot

The PMV bus service is dominated by Western Highlanders, and their decision is affecting city residents.

The choice by Western Highlanders to pull their service off the road yesterday stemmed from a fight against a certain group from Hela Province.

During the confrontation, some buses had there windscreens smashed.

Police have yet to confirm the cause of the fight.

Man stabbed in Port Moresby ethnic clash

NCD metropolitan superintendent Commander Benjamin Turi said the reasons behind the fighting was yet to be confirmed.

He said the incident was a continuous clash from the weekend between the tribes.

Currently police have moved in and controlled the situation.

Turi said the informal market at the Gordon market has now been closed for an indefinite period.

“The main market is still open but the informal sector will close for an indefinite period.”