Gordons clash

Parkop: Please get your facts right Mr Polye

Parkop said he (Polye) must be in some dream land or  hallucinating. 

Parkop told Loop PNG that he never made such decision to remove informal sector from the city. 

“Did he hear me or was he present when I made such announcement? 

“As far as I am concern neither I, nor the Commission has made any such decision. 

“This was a decision made by the police based on their safety and security consideration. It is only a temporary decision to deal with security issues. The police made that very clear. 

“They said "until further notice". 

PMV buses convoy around city

Acting NCD metropolitan police commander Brian Kombe told Loop PNG that he has dispatched vehicles to round up the buses and address their grievances at the Unagi Oval.

For now, buses are lining up along the Manu bus stop as well as the Manu roundabout.

Boroko is a sight of people walking while the main Murray Barracks and Three-Mile road area is clogged up with traffic. This is because all the buses have gathered at the Murray Barracks roundabout.

For now residents are advised to exercise caution while on the road as the situation is quite tense.