Obura-Wonenara MP joins Opposition

​The Opposition camp has and will be increasing in the next couple of hours before the Vote of no confidence tomorrow at 10am.

On Wednesday, another MP in the backbench has defected from the government ranks and joined the Opposition camp.

Opposition Leader Don Polye, on behalf of the coalition leaders in the camp, welcomed Obura-Wonenara MP Merra Minne Kipefa into the camp.

Polye said they were happy that their number was swelling each day.

“He doesn’t represent an urban district in but an isolated area in Eastern Highlands.

“A government, which is in the making, will be formed by our people in the least developed areas. This new government is not just to develop Port Moresby only but to inclusively develop all the rural areas in the country. This is not a government for South Pacific Games only or for APEC or ACP meetings only,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Government MPs from Alotau will be arriving today from their camp in Alotau, Milne Bay Province.


Freddy Mou