O’Neill to seek further legal advice on court’s decision

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is seeking further legal advice on the Supreme Court’s decision.

In relation to the proposed vote of no-confidence that has again been proposed by the Opposition, the Prime Minister said this is another costly attempt to cause instability for the sake of political self-indulgence.

“The vote proposed by the Opposition is mischievous and continues to lack the support of the Members of Parliament,” O’Neill said.

“The PNC-led Coalition Government has overwhelming support on the floor of Parliament to complete this term of Government.

“The small group of Opposition members are opportunists who put their own political interests ahead of the nation. The latest vote attempt seeks to create instability and mislead the public, but these political games only harm the economy and cause the loss of jobs.”

The PM said recalling Parliament will also cost hundreds of thousands of Kina that would be better spent on hospital beds or teacher training.

“Our Government will continue to do the good work we have delivered for the first four years of this Parliament.

“We will ensure that our core policy areas and programs continue and parents can be assured that school fees will be paid and their children will receive an education.

“Our universal healthcare policy will continue to help more people to recover from sickness and injury, and keep families together.

“We will continue to build the infrastructure of our nation so that people can use more bridges, roads, jetties and buildings such as teachers’ colleges and medical centres.

“Companies like ExxonMobil, TOTAL and New Crest Mining are investing in Papua New Guinea and creating new jobs because they have confidence in our economic management and political leadership.”

O’Neill said the people of this nation know that they are in a much better position today than they were four years ago.

“The people know that our Government has delivered on its promises and we will continue to do so.”


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