New police positions to uphold standards

The Police Commissioner Gari Baki expressed confidence in his top hierarchy with the confirmation of the two deputy police commissioners.

During the Commissioning of the deputy police commissioner of operations Jim Andrews and the deputy police commissioner administration Raphael Huafolo this afternoon at police headquarters, Konedobu.

Baki said with these two positions now confirmed, these two seasoned officers will help him in dealing with the issues of command and control that is needed in the RPNGC.

Commissioner Baki says there is a need for the two positions to be filled so that they  could help in addressing the issues from their level down to the operational personnel in the field.

Baki reiterated that this year was the year of discipline, Baki said he was pleased to have the support of the two men who will help him lead and maintain the standard of discipline in the RPNGC.


Julianna Waeda