New Caledonia women dominate Day 3 swimming

​New Caledonia women have dominated Day 3 of the swimming events tonight, grabbing three gold medals, one silver and one bronze medal.

Fast swimmer Lara Grangeon set another new record in the 400m freestyle of 4:20:40 sec,  taking out gold.

The previous record was 4:28:32 sec that was also set by Lara. This was the 19th record set in this Pacific Games.

Charlotte Robin got the bronze in the 400m freestyle after clocking in at 4:41:97 sec behind silver medalist Matelita Buadromo of Fiji.

Another Games record of 1:03:50 sec in the 100m backstroke was broken by Emma Terebo of New Caledonia. Emma set a new record of 1:02:60 in this event to win gold.

Suzanne Afchain clocked in at 1:08:45 sec behind Emma to win silver for New Caledonia while Cheyenne Rova took out bronze for Fiji clocking a time of 1:08:59 sec.

Quintina Naime