Nature Park aims to help boost tourism

The Port Moresby Nature Park aims to help boost tourism in the city by inviting business visitors to be part of the experience.

Nature Park general manager Michelle McGeorge said they aim to showcase the park as the window to Papua New Guinea.

McGeorge stated that the park has a lot to offer in terms of PNG’s native flora and fauna and they plan to showcase these to the world through the business visitors.

Port Moresby has a high number of business travellers every year. They would like to encourage the business houses to bring their visitors who come for business conferences and meetings to make appointments to visit the park.

By visiting the park, they would be able to see the different plants, animals like the unique Bird of Paradise and cultural sites from other provinces that are established in the park.

“We would like to have as much visitors as possible to help boost tourism in Port Moresby and PNG.

“When they visit the park, we hope that they take with them this experience back home and one day return with their families to PNG to visit the provinces that are home to most of the plants and animals.

“With the 2018 APEC Meeting coming up, this will be a great opportunity to have as many visitors to the park as possible,” McGeorge said.

The park will build a picnic village in the next few months showcasing the different traditional houses from all across the country, like the Highlands roundhouse and Haus Tumbuna.


Quintina Naime