Namah succeeds in staying tribunal

Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah has succeeded in staying the Leadership Tribunal inquiry against him.

The National Court granted the stay order this morning, pending the hearing and determination of four questions referred to the Supreme Court.

The questions relate to section 18 (2) of the constitution.

Acting Judge Danajo Koeget allowed Namah's application after the constitutional questions were presented to him in court yesterday.

The questions are based on the actions of the Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia, appointing the tribunal against Namah when one of the 10 allegations relates to the judiciary.

An objection by the Public Prosecutor's Lawyer Laias Kande to oppose the motion this morning was rejected.

Kande said the questions referred to the Supreme Court for interpretation was based only on one of the 10 allegations and there should not be a blanket stay on the tribunal convening this month.

He also submitted that the same application seeking to stay the tribunal was moved before the court on the same circumstance three times before and this was the fourth attempt.


Sally Pokiton