Mirisim welcome investigations

In a statement, the Minister said he will go to court till the final outcome is achieved, therefore he still remains the Minister for Defence and the member for Telefomin.

He said, “I am not guilty of any abuse or misconduct. I will go to court till the final outcome is out. For now, I will still be the Minister for Defence and Member for Telefomin.”

He appealed to his people of Telefomin to allow this investigation to take its course, as this is the normal process for all members of Parliament to go through when they fail to submit statements of annual returns.

Pruaitch appears before Tribunal

It was a show of solidarity, as the National Alliance Leader, Pruaitch was accompanied by the father of the nation, Sir Michael Somare, yesterday (September 5) in court.

A tribunal, appointed in February 2010 over allegations of misconduct in office, resumed yesterday morning where preliminary issues were raised before members of the tribunal by Pruaitch’s lawyer, Greg Sheppard.

Issues relating to the jurisdiction of the tribunal were raised as well as certain documents that will be used during the hearing.

Sakora case: State given time to file appearance

The six constitutional questions were referred to the Supreme Court for interpretation last month to query the manner in which the Judicial Legal Service Commission appointed a tribunal, chaired by Justice Sir Bruce Robertson, to investigate if there are grounds to remove Justice Sir Bernard Sakora from his office.

The matter came for directions hearing where the Supreme Court gave the Tribunal and the state until November 3 to file notice of their appearance.

Only the Judicial Legal Service Commission is being represented in this reference.

Tribunal against judge adjourned

 The adjournment was allowed after Sir Bernard’s lawyer, Loani Henao, informed the tribunal he had no materials before him to assist the tribunal.

He said he is yet to formally receive a reference or any charge laid against Sir Bernard despite chairman of the tribunal, Justice Sir Bruce Robertson, saying he was notified by the Judicial and Legal service Commission in the second week of August.

Henao asked for a three week adjournment as he did not receive a formal notice of the tribunal and did not know what was before the tribunal.

Namah succeeds in staying tribunal

The National Court granted the stay order this morning, pending the hearing and determination of four questions referred to the Supreme Court.

The questions relate to section 18 (2) of the constitution.

Acting Judge Danajo Koeget allowed Namah's application after the constitutional questions were presented to him in court yesterday.

Tribunal given reference in Bogia Member’s case

Hickey was referred to the tribunal in January 2015 on allegations of misconduct in office when he failed to submit financial returns as required under Section 89 of the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.

This omission lead to a failure in upholding his duties and responsibilities of office as required under Section 27 of the Constitution and the Organic Law on the Duties and Responsibilities of Leadership.

Cabin crew, pilot teĺl of angry minister

And the pilot in command of that flight was also called to give evidence against Minister Gore.

Sheryl Marjen, a member  of the cabin crew and Captain Taulea Ugava who was in command of that flight gave evidence after lunch when the tribunal resumed.

Captain Ugava who had been flying with Air Niugini for 17 years said on the morning of April 24, 2014 at Girua airport, he received a call on the flight intercom from the cabin crew member after doing safety checks.

Minister Gore’s phone disrupts tribunal

The minister who was seated in court had forgotten to switch off her phone after court officials told everyone in court to switch off their phones.

It is a contempt of court to have one’s phone ring during a court sitting.

Minister Gore’s phone rang while counsels were cross examining the main witness called by the  prosecution, flight attendant Sheryl Marjen.

Chairman of the leadership tribunal Justice Goodwin Poole had to order the person whose phone rang before his tribunal to leave the court room immediately.

Micah application returns

The case resumed for Micah’s lawyers Mal Varitimos (QC) and Nelson Saroa and state lawyer Asher Chillion who is also representing the Ombudsman Commission to make further submission.

The matter was adjourned by single sitting Supreme Court Judge Justice Collin Makail.

This comes after Micah went before the highest court seeking a stay order against the Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin acting on his referral by the Ombudsman Commission.

​Leaders appear before tribunal

Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and Bogia member Sir John Hickey and Kagua-Erave member James Lagea and their lawyers made their appearances before the tribunal.

The tribunal consists of Justice Goodwin Poole as chairman and senior provincial magistratesMark Selefkariu and Ernest Wilmot.

Hickey who was out of the country for a medical trip received the instrument outlining the appointment of his leadership tribunal yesterday (June 24) after it was served to his adopted son in Madang.