Mekeo women to protest for gender equality and rights

The Veifa’a Council of Women from Mekeo, in the Kairuku District, will stage a protest march on Saturday, November 26, on women’s rights.

The protest aims to enhance opportunities for gender equality and women empowerment.

The women claim that for years they have been the scapegoats of taboos and customs.

They have suffered for years from continuous alcohol and drug-related verbal and physical abuse plus sexual violence that has deprived women rights in the rural areas.

The organisers say they aim to speak out for the silent majority and break down the stigma that accompanies so many experiences of violence and abuses.

The women will petition the chiefs, ward councillors, the police, Member for Kairuku-Hiri Peter Isoaimo and Central Governor Kila Haoda, and other groups that advocate for the same issue.

The 12-point petition highlights key factors that are affecting the women in the area.

One of the points on the petition is to have liquor trading hours to be set and imposed.

Picture courtesy of Facebook

Quintina Naime