Marijuana a major obstacle in Bougainville

Marijuana is a major obstacle when it comes to law and order problems in the Autonomous region of Bougainville.

The drug network on Bougainville has now spilled over into the neighbouring Solomon Islands and drugs are now being smuggled over the border.

A former drug trafficker who wishes to remain anonymous told PNG Loop that the trend is really getting out of hand, and tougher penalties need to be imposed.

 “I use to do that before but now I have dedicated and given myself to the Lord, but according to my observation this is really getting out of hand,” he said.

“The drug trafficking network is really intact and is now very hard to crack and  the only solution  for this trend to end is for tougher penalties to be imposed,” he said.

“Drugs on Bougainville are being grown and cultivated in central Bougainville up and high in the mountains of Aita, that is the headquarters, boys from there are well connected to the outside world, and the introduction of mobile phones have now made it easy for them,” he said.

“Bougainville is now being littered with drugs from that area and it is now slowly making its way out into Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.The scary thing now is that it is now being sold in schools, and both male and females are taking this drug,” he said.

“All communities on Bougainville should now cooperate with police and do more awareness all over this region of ours,” he said.

Peterson Tseraha