Law society: Police actions uncalled for

The PNG Law Society has issued its support for calls made by Transparency International to investigate police actions against the protesters on Monday in Port Moresby.

Society president Peter Kuman issued a statement, saying the actions by members of the Royal PNG Constabulary were uncalled for and unbecoming for members of a disciplinary force.

And taking into account past accounts of police behaviour, Kuman said the society was concerned that ordinary people of this country were being suppressed from expressing their views through public forums and rallies.

He said respect for the force was fast diminishing and urged the police hierarchy to move swiftly in disciplining officers to restore confidence of the public in the force.

He added while the PNG Law Society was mindful of the safety of the need to maintain peace and good order in the community at large, it did not give police the right to intimidate, harass and assault members of the public.

“The Constitution does provide for freedom and expression as a qualified right but the question that needs to be asked is whether that right is in actual fact available in reality to be exercised without fear of being intimidated, harassed and assaulted,” Kuman

Sally Pokiton