K2000 for North Fly policewomen

The North Fly policewomen have received a timely help towards their travel to attend the 9th PNG Policewomen’s conference from May 2 to 6 in Lae, Morobe Province.

 Gazebo Club committee from Tabubil, Western Province, came on board the sponsorship band wagon to support the female officers with K2000 this week.

Gazebo Club president Akolo Kotange, when presenting the cheque to police representatives, acknowledged the hard work put in by the men and women in blue to protect the mining township.

“We the Gazebo Club committee, on behalf of our members, have donated K2000 to the policewomen in North Fly for them to attend the 9th policewomen’s conference in Lae,” Kotange said.

“We are recognising many efforts and hard work our policemen and policewomen put in day and night to keep Tabubil town and the surrounding mining villages safe.

“Many people do not realise that there are people working behind the scene to make sure Tabubil is safe, and these people are our own policemen and women in Tabubil.

“We also appreciate the work of the mobile squad, OTML and contractor securities that work closely with our local police men and women to keep the township safe,” the Gazebo Club president stated.

“Although the contribution we gave was little, we are giving with our hearts and hope this will open the doors for other business houses in Tabubil to come in and help our policewomen.

“We are willing to contribute more but as we all know, the club had been closed for the last eight months and we’ve just commenced operation on March 18,” said the club president. 

(From left to right: Sergeant Stella Warmanai and Sergeant Demas Tapea receiving the cheque from Akolo Kotange – president of Gazebo Club – and Kelly Kesawe, vice-president of Gazebo Club.)

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