It was Christmas party time for the Digicel family

Christmas brings families around the tree.

For bigger groups, it brings everybody around the table.

For Digicel PNG staff in Port Moresby, the mood set in early, bringing everyone around the stage yesterday.

The company threw an early Christmas party at its headquarters, ending their Friday on a jolly note.

Staff entertained each other with items, and a treasure hunt looking for Digicel’s Secret Santa.

There were gifts for winners and food for the rest.

The event was celebrated by staff from all offices of Digicel in the nation's capital, including the Hitron team.

It was one of those days where the colour red fell smoothly with Digicel.

(Picture: Digicel's Retail Project Director Lorna McPherson joining in on the celebration the PNG way. By Alfred Kaniniba)

Gloria Bauai