Hides IDG payments to Landowners set for tomorrow

The payment of Infrastructure Development Grants to Hides PDL 1 and 7 has been rescheduled to tomorrow, Tuesday August 30.

The payment was initially scheduled for Friday last week but did not eventuate because a gazetted public holiday (Repentance Day) also fell on that day.

Petroleum and Energy Minister Nixon Duban said all parties agreed to reschedule this event to tomorrow at Hides in Hela Province.

The event will see the payment of K35 million to Hides PDL 1 and 7 areas. K20 million from this money will be paid to PDL 1 and K15m to PDL 7.

These monies are for projects identified in these licensed areas during the LBBSA and UBSA signing and will be paid to the Hides Special Purpose Authority.

The Hides Special Purpose Authority was created from an Act of Parliament and its operations will be guided by the Public Finance Management Act.

This is after past IDG payments to provincial governments have not been acquitted, with many landowners complaining of not receiving the services they signed for in the agreements.

These payments are a result of an understanding reached on  August 18 after landowners locked the gates to the Hides Gas Conditioning plant and well pads in the area.

They took this action after the government failed to address their petition.

Meantime, these areas are now undergoing clan vetting and are also expected to be paid their first LNG royalties by late September this year.




Ruth Rungula