Governor clarifies stance against illegal businesses

Oro Governor Gary Juffa insists that the actions of his government against some foreign run businesses do not target a specific ethnic group but all foreign run illegal businesses.

He also pointed out that there was a need to protect PNG business opportunities and prevent the loss of jobs and businesses experienced in Oro and throughout PNG.

The Governor made the clarification after some elements of society accused him of targeting Asian owned businesses.

"These efforts are against all illegal foreign owned businesses. It is what happens overseas when governments actually enforce the law and take measures to protect the integrity of commerce and trade and protect their peoples interests.

“I have reviewed the situation and am satisfied that there is overwhelming evidence that many foreign businesses in Oro are not conforming to our labour and migration laws. Most jobs have never been localized and most expatriates in these businesses cannot speak English.

“If you are a Papua New Guinean in that expat’s country you would not be tolerated misbehaving like this. In fact you would be deported or jailed even. Why are we so tolerant here?"

Governor Juffa stated that provinces must rise up to protect their people and their peoples opportunities and jobs, “not be complacent and fall asleep on the job’’.

He said that the Oro Provincial Government would also be encouraging Oro business men and in particular women to fill the void.

"We have to support our people. Our people are capable too. Stop worshipping others and start believing in themselves."

Oro Provincial Government will be setting up a task force to review all such businesses and encourage all provincial governments to do the same.

Press Release