Former Watchdog boss joins Pangu

Former Chief of Police and Ombudsman Illa Geno has formally joined Pangu Party as a strategic adviser on Internal Security.

Geno began his career as a police officer in 1968 as a detective under Australian administration.

He served 25 years in the force and bestowed the top position of Chief of Police in 1992.

After serving out his two year contract as Commissioner of Police, he was later appointed Chairman of Public Service Commission in 1993.

In 1999 Geno joined the Ombudsman Commission, two years later he was elevated to the top position of Chief Ombudsman.

During his term as head of Ombudsman Commission, Geno holds the highest record of referrals of Members of Parliament to face the Leadership Tribunal.

He was later forced to retire after meeting the mandatory age of 60.

Geno joins Pangu with the highest credentials in law enforcement as well as leadership and governance.

Pangu Party Leader Sam Basil welcomed Geno to Pangu's impressive team of strategic political advisers.

Geno now joins retired Chief of Defence Force Brigadier Major Jerry Singarock - (National Security) Bryan Kramer (Chief Political Strategist) and Dulciana Somare Brash (International Relations & Policy)

Picture courtesy of Brian Kramer

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