Duban keeps education as top priority

The Member for Madang Nixon Duban says education still remains a top priority for the Government as he continuous investing in building school infrastructures in his electorate.

During his electoral visit recently, Duban visited several schools in South Ambenob to honour his commitments in ensuring these schools receive funding  to improve their learning facilities.

Schools he visited includes: Transgogol High School, Bahor in Bilbil and Kil Primary in Fulumu and presented their school funding.

At Transgogol High School, the Member spent some time talking to the students on the importance of education as the resource to move the country forward and is the reason Government has been investing millions in.

Duban who is also the Minister for Transport  and Infrastructure encouraged the students to set their goals early and work towards achieving it.

Duban in presenting a cheque of K87,000 for their text books also made commitments to help build their classrooms, new dormitories and other infrastructure to raise the standard of the school.

 Whilst making that announcement he strongly discourages the students from spending too much time on social media especially Facebook  but instead to  read books that are more knowledgeable and study hard to do better academically and excel in life.

“Results have shown that those who spend more time on Facebook have done badly in their studies and those spending more time is about themselves than their future.”

“It kills your time and it kills your productivity,” said Duban.

He said students must learn hard to become a good citizen of the country, earn a better living and contribute meaningfully to the development of this nation.

The Member would also be visiting other schools within the District to address their needs.

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