Basil calls for O’Neill’s removal

Deputy Opposition Leader and member for Wau-Bulolo Sam Basil is calling on backbenchers of the People’s National Congress Party and other members of parliament to change the leadership of government.

He says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has proven he is not a fit and proper person to run the country.

“They owe it to their constituents and the people of Papua New Guinea, time is up for O’Neill,” Basil says.

He says it is better that the change of leadership is done in parliament rather than on the streets as there  would  be more damage.

“We have to make sure we put in a good leader to replace O’Neill because he needs to go and answer his charges. He is now destroying the elements of our institutions of democracy. He is destroying the legal system, he is destroying the police force,” he said.

Basil says it is sad to see Police Commissioner Gary Baki is doing the same thing that his predecessor, Geoffrey Vaki,  has done.

“This nation deserves a better Police Commissioner than Baki,” he says.

Meantime Opposition Leader Don Polye has revealed numbers needed to remove O’Neill are growing and he is encouraging members of parliament to establish their position for  the coming parliament session.

Parliament will sit on October 27th.


Joy Kisselpar