Baki: There is no vested interest in fraud office closure

The decision to close the fraud and anti-corruption office is in line with efforts to protect the office of the police commissioner and no one else’s interests.

Commissioner Gari Baki says he is also duty bound to make sure that all his personnel carry out investigations, but the process of informing the commissioner is important to ensure accountability.

This, he says, is the one issue that he has with the current set-up of the fraud office under the command of Matthew Damaru.

He says the main aim here is to ensure that there is a set command and control of reporting processes in the fraud office.

Baki reiterated that no investigations will be interfered with and said the issue here is that the process of accountability must be adhered to.

“This is an internal administrative process and officers, regardless of rank, will be dealt with and Damaru is no different to this,” Baki told media.

Damaru, with the rank of chief superintendent, should be well-versed in all the disciplinary requirements in the constabulary.

Baki adds that this case of the court suspending the directive of Damaru’s suspension sets a bad precedent that will create a security issue as there is no clear command and control in the police force.

Julianna Waeda