Animal Brain Association members nabbed by police

​Forty youths aged between 18 and 21 were caught drinking today along the airport’s back road where the construction of the LNG road is taking place.

Apart from the 40 that were caught, more than half of the group fled the drinking spot when police arrived.

Superintendent for Operations Brian Kombe said the students were caught drink homebrew from a bucket as well as a 44 gallon drum of which was brought back to the station with the 40 boys.

Part of the group were homeschoolers’ while the rest attended Dela Salle High School, Kilakila Secondary, Tokara High School, New Erima Primary School and Wardstrip Primary School.

“One was a Second Year student from the University of Technology,” said Kombe.

According to  Kombe, the ring leader who was among the group owned up saying they were part of a group called Animal Brain Association (ABA)

“He says they had two coaster buses which took them from Gordons, paying K1 per head to the drinking spot”, he says.

Kombe says the boys will be arrested and charged for underage drinking and procession of drugs and homebrew.

Kombe adds that this is the second largest group of students that have been caught drinking of which the first group led to the suicide of a young girl from Gordons Secondary School.

“Their school principals and deputy principals will be brought into identify their students to be dealt with academically but they will be charged and held until here at Six-Mile police station as the other stations are full and Boroko is still under renovations”, he says.

Their parents can come and bail them however their penalties will be decided once they go to court.


Note: Images have been altered for publication

Annette Kora