​Haoda welcomes Games Baton to Central Province

Central Province Governor Kila Haoda has welcomed the Oil Search Pacific Games Relay into his province.

Central is the 21st province the baton has visited and today marked 91 days of the baton’s 100 days journey throughout the country.

The baton is spending four days in the province before it is handed over to the National Capital District on June 29.

An official welcome ceremony was held at Laloki High School today as the baton was displayed for the people and the Central Provincial Government to see.

Haoda urged the people of Central to welcome the Relay team and happily get involved in the relay.

He also encouraged the people that as landowners of the host city, they must play their part and show great hospitality to the visiting countries.

Relay manager Tamzin Wardley presented a replica of the baton to the provincial government as a token of appreciation and memory of the Relay.

The baton has so far visited the Kairuku and Goilala Districts and will travel to Hula and Abau tomorrow.