Sungilbar leader asks for a high school

A local leader from Sungilbar LLG, in Sumkar, Madang Province, has called on the Government to establish a high school in the area.

Councilor Willie Malubun, from Busken Village, made a plea to Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, during the Minister’s recent trip to Madang.

Malubu informed Maru that while funds had been allocated for the project, only a sawmill was bought.

Minister Maru said over the last five years, funds had been disbursed to all Members of Parliament for such projects.

And he failed to understand why such a project was implemented.

Minister Maru however, said he will help them establish the new high school and asked local LLG leaders to send a letter to his office for him to facilitate.

(Minister Maru in Madang)

Cedric Patjole