Sogeri national high ICT boost

600 students and 29 teachers of Sogeri National High School will have access to better Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure, thanks to the joint support of the PNG-Australia partnership in education.

The ICT resources provided to the school include the setup of 40 computers with software installation, wireless internet access and installation of a server and storage.

The support also includes the installation of a digital library commonly known as the E-Granary, which stores up to thirty-two million valuable learning and teaching resources. These can be used at the school to support teaching and learning across all subjects in the curriculum.

National Department of Education First Assistant Secretary, Maxton Essy, and Australian High Commission First Secretary – Education and Leadership, Janelle Denton, officially launched the ICT resources at the school on Wednesday, 25 July.

Ms Denton said: “I am very pleased to be here representing the Government of Australia as just one piece of this large and complex puzzle, working together with you all to improve learning across Papua New Guinea.

“Of course, this equipment is only as what you do with it and I encourage you to make the most of these resources to support your studies.”

The new infrastructure is part of a broader partnership between the governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia in the education sector, which focuses on learning in the early grades, skills and leadership.

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