Safe drinking water for Hebaiya village

Over 500 men, women and children in Hebaiya village, Nipa-Kutubu district in Southern Highlands Province, now have access to safe drinking water.

This is part of phase two of Oil Search’s drought relief program with the opening of a Hebaiya water project this month.

The effects of the 2015 El Nino induced drought brought many challenges to numerous communities living within the Oil Search operational areas.

For the villages of Hebaiya, having access to safe drinking water is a dream come true.

Lake Kutubu Local Level Government president, John Pipi Kila, thanked Oil Search and urged the village of Hebaiya to take ownership of the water project.

Meanwhile, Oil Search general manager stakeholder engagement, Leon Buskins, reiterated that Oil Search is pleased to give back to the villages and communities in project areas.

Sophie Yaruso