Road access after 18 years

Villagers from 9 villages from Banak to Wautogik in Wewak District, East Sepik Province, have road access now after 18 years.

The Wautogik road was opened yesterday by Yangoru-Saussia MP and National Planning and Monitoring Minister, Richard Maru, and Member for Wewak, Kevin Isifu.

People danced, cheered and celebrated the road opening.

For 18 years these villagers walked more than 4 hours to reach the main Highway to get PMVs to travel into Wewak Town or other parts of the province.

Mothers spoke of how they carried their garden produce in huge bilums and trekked the mountainous terrain to travel to the nearest market to sell their produce, make money and send their children to school.

The men recalled how they carried their sick children and relatives in stretchers and walked long hours to access health services. They said for those who were critically ill, they often lost them along the journey.

Opening of the road ushers in new possibilities, opportunities and an improved travelling system.

The road leads right to their door-steps.

Isifu said accessibility is part of the District's 5 year plan hence the construction of the K400,000 Wautogik road.

Minister Maru told all gathered to use the road as a tool for economic growth and personal wealth.

He encouraged them to venture into vanilla, copra and PMV businesses.

Village leaders requested from both parliamentarians for electricity to complement the new road.

Carolyn Ure