Red Sea Housing aids Nature Park

Red Sea Housing has come to the aid of Port Moresby Nature Park as a silver sponsor.

They helped transport and deliver to the Port Moresby Nature Park a number of in-kind items, including four 40ft containers, two 20ft freezer units, and six structures suitable for housing animals. 

Red Sea Housing’s general manager, Kenneth Clinton, said: “Red Sea Housing is pleased to support the Nature Park and when we heard that they had received these donated items but were unable to transport them to the Nature Park, we were only too happy to help.”

The items were donated to the Nature Park by ExxonMobil, a major sponsor of the Park.  Port Moresby Nature Park’s general manager said the containers were to be converted into research areas for the park’s Pig-nosed turtle head-start project, as well as future research spaces. This is in addition to animal quarantine and rehabilitation areas for animals that were surrendered to the Nature Park that were suitable for re-release into the wild.

Michelle McGeorge said: “We are so extremely grateful to both ExxonMobil and Red Sea Housing for their support. 

“It is only through this joint support that we have been able to make this an actuality.”

She stated that they have many goals to better the Park for the community, as well as strengthen its ability to conduct wildlife research and conservation studies.

“But many of these dreams just cannot become a reality if it were not for the generosity of the business community to support us in achieving these goals,” said McGeorge.

“ExxonMobil’s donation of structures and Red Sea Housing generosity in actually collecting, transporting and delivering these structures, is just one example of the generous support we receive.”  

Clinton also expressed that Red Sea Housing wants to support the Nature Park as it represented a fantastic recreational place where people from all walks of life in the community come together for education, family time and to connect with Nature.

Port Moresby Nature Park will be open every day throughout the festive period and New Year.

People are encouraged to visit the new large pesquet’s parrot aviary, which was opened to the public last week.

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