Protect the environment

Proper garbage segregation is important for waste management, says the Rabaul District Health division in a cleanathon leading up to the World Environment Day on Monday June 5th.

Rabaul District Health Manager, Garry Mano said it is important that rubbish is sorted according their categories making it easier to dispose accordingly.

“Have different bins for paper, plastic, metal, glass and even food waste. Separate wet waste from dry waste and by doing so we can identify what needs to be recycled. Waste segregation can also reduce the risk of injury or exposure from sharp objects such as broken glass and tins,” Mano said.

He further said that by effective waste segregation practice, it reduces the amount of mix waste and protects the environment, creating a clean and safe environment to live in.

Meantime, District Administrator, Benedict Mode has commended the efforts of district and LLG officers in commemorating the world environment day.

He said doing clean up and appreciating the environment should not be done on a designated day only but should be part of our everyday lives.

The 4x LLGs of Rabaul district; Rabaul Urban, Kombiu, Balanataman and Watom Island LLG commemorated the world environment day yesterday with cleanathon in their wards as well as planting of trees (timber) and fruit trees.

Awareness was also conducted in wards and schools on the importance of proper garbage disposal and conserving the environment for future generations.

Coastal communities also took part in cleaning up their beachfront and planting of mangrove trees.

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