NCDC supports youth wave

A walk that has inspired the NCD Governor, Powes Parkop last weekend has seen NCDC chip in with a cheque presentation to support the Inter-denominational Youth Wave Rally.

The K20,000 cheque was presented in a conference yesterday in Port Moresby.

A pledge that was made by Governor Parkop during the Inter Youth Wave was honoured yesterday in a conference and presented to the chairman, Thomas Hola.

Governor Parkop said the cheque presentation signifies the building of a partnership with young people from the different denominations in the city.

He said this is a partnership that is slowly starting, believing that it will be critical to achieving the outcome set out for the future of the city.

“Delivering a safe, healthy and peaceful city is a very simple vision but is also a challenging vision and goal.”

The InterYouth Wave presented its first evangelism event; the wave walk with the theme, ‘Showing you we Care’, on Saturday 12th May, which saw over 600 church youths participate in the walk, handing out donations of food, drinks and clothes.

The concept of the wave walk was to meet and greet people along the way, bless them and pray for them.

InterYouth Wave chairman, Thomas Hola, on showing appreciation for the Governor and NCDC’s support through the Active City program, said the contribution will go a long way in bringing the message of Christ to our people, especially youths in the city.

“This initiative aims at developing a united leadership front, appreciation of diverse and unique ministries and churches and bridging generations for the gospel to effectively reach towns and cities.”

Annette Kora