More than just an anti-violence campaign

​The Men of Honour Awards is more than just an anti-violence campaign.

This is the firm belief of the Awards patron, Dame Carol Kidu.

She says anti-violence is just a component in this campaign.

Being faced with many challenges, Dame Carol says social disintegration is the biggest for PNG, as a developing country. And the Men of Honour Awards is simply honouring those who are standing up and in their way, preventing or slowing that social disintegration process.

“Yes, violence is an example of social disintegration but there are many other things that show the social disintegration occurring in our society. And to me, the MoH Award is showing men who are champions against social disintegration and so it’s a great thing,” she said.

She added that PNG has many men and women of honour and it is important for our children growing up to see the men and women of honour of this nation.

“It’s critical that this is done,” she stated.

Dame Carol is encouraging people to identify and nominate these men.

“Please look in your communities because every community has more men of honour than men who are dishonourable. That is my firm belief.”

Digicel PNG Foundation announced the opening of nominations for the 2017/18 Men of Honour Awards cycle last Friday, June 2.

Gloria Bauai