Kaevaria village receives tanks and radios

The Papua LNG project provided three 3,500 litre water tanks to Kaevaria village in Kikori District, Gulf Province recently, to positively impact the lives of villages within the project area.

The Papua LNG project values building strong relationships with communities. In line with Sustainable Development Goal Six and International Finance Corporation Performance Standards 4, the project strives to ensure communities within its Area of Influence, have access to safe, clean drinking water, lessening the risks of dysentery, malaria and other waterborne diseases.

In addition to the water tanks supplied, Papua LNG also equipped the village with a community Radio system, powered by solar panels, and fitted with in-built USB ports for charging devices.

To acknowledge Papua LNG, the community staged a play to show the importance of water in their village.

“The community is grateful that the three tanks were given, we appreciate their consideration to the community and we look forward to continuing to work with the (Papua LNG),” said Village Chief Makani Aisi.

Ongoing consultations between the Project’s Community Development, Community Relations team and the Village Liaison Officers (VLOs) teams have highlighted the need to increase and improve lines of communication between the Project and the community and the radio shall facilitate this.

Village Liaison Officer for Kaevaria village, Willie Keke, said that the radio, complementing the recent installation of the 4G mobile network, is a much-needed and welcome contribution to the village.

“There will be a lot of times that we will be communicating with the project officers on site, and so the radios will make it easier for us to communicate the community activities and needs,” he said.

Kaevaria village is the first of eight villages along the Barging route areas, to receive the water tanks and radio system. Deployment in other villages is ongoing.

Loop Author