EMPNG invites Hides community for a tour

ExxonMobil PNG Limited (EMPNG), operator of the PNG LNG project, is inviting Hides community groups to tour the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant (HGCP) to help them to understand what happens in its operations.

The program, launched in November 2016, complements EMPNG’s Community Development Program by enhancing the community’s understanding of the Plant’s operations. 

EMPNG Hides superintendent, Ken Rhyason, said the tours were looking to take away the mystery about what happens inside the fence and to build on EMPNG’s established relationships with Hides communities to create a stronger more connected society. 

The sessions are complemented by other discussions around healthy living, education and community development in general. 

“Our staff are contributing to the program by educating participants on general hygiene, food preparation, food storage and health issues,” said Rhyason.

Target groups include Hides area students, church representatives, community leaders, youth groups and women’s groups.

On completion of one tour, Evangelical Church of PNG Women’s Group spokeswoman and ExxonMobil sponsored Global Women in Management (GWIM) alumni, Miriam Gai, thanked EMPNG for opening its gates to the community.

“I’m seeing great improvement in the standard of living of women participating in the Community Livelihood Improvement Program (CLIP). 

“The women are now using the knowledge gained from CLIP to grow different varieties of food and prepare good quality meals for a balanced diet for their families,” said Gai.

The tour program involves a brief overview of the Plant’s operations, including a drive around the perimeter fence and a walk through tour of the camp’s kitchen before concluding with lunch and health talk from EMPNG’s ISOS medical clinic team. 

The facility tour is held fortnightly on average.  

(The Evangelical Church of PNG women’s group from Hides, with representatives from ExxonMobil PNG Limited, on tour at the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant)

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