Digicel PNG commits to back Lae police

Digicel PNG says they are pleased to provide the Lae Police Department continued support, assisting them with the Toll Free number for the public to reach out to them in cases of emergencies.

Since its launch in May of last year, the toll free number 7090 3300 received 5,000 calls from sexual assaults, armed robberies, to expectant mothers going into labour in remote locations and seeking assistance.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jr, said the Toll Free number has assisted them in a big way to fight crime in the city.

"We cannot express our appreciation enough to Digicel for this vital phone service. This phone number has changed the way we serve the community to keep them safe and respond when required.

“We were unable to deliver our service to the communities until we received this outstanding community gesture from Digicel."

Digicel in May 2017 supported the Lae and Morobe Police Force with the introduction of a brand new service. This new Toll Free Number provided people the ability to call the Police on a centralised facility, without the requirement to have credits on their mobile.

This is a lifesaving initiative and critical for Police to respond to incidents and emergencies.

Digicel PNG Senior Vice President, Lorna McPherson, said: "We are proud of our ongoing commitment to PNG. We are a PNG company, and we are part of the communities we operate and work within.

“We saw an opportunity to support the community of Lae and Morobe in May 2017, and have since continued the service.

"We were amazed at the volume of calls made to the New Toll Free Number. In the first month of its operation, it received 5,000 calls; once the call is received, the Police Response Unit is dispatched.

"The Lae and Morobe Police Units are being congratulated for the service they are providing. Social media is nothing short of amazing in how people are thanking them for their greatly improved service due to the Toll Free Number.

“Our Digicel team is working closely with Provincial Police Commander for Lae, Wagambie Jr. He has helped with the implementation and ensuring the phones are being answered 24 hours a day, 7days a week. This is a credit to his team and the Police Commander.

“Well done to the boys in blue in Lae and Morobe. It's great to see such a success story for the Police in the region. We are proud of our involvement in this community service," commented McPherson.

The people of Lae are encouraged to continue using the Toll Free number 7090 3300 and report any crimes or suspicious activities.

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