75 graduate in Financial Literacy

The West New Britain Provincial Government (WNBPG) in partnership with AusAID held a Financial Literacy Training program at the Sasi Muthuvel Stadium recently.

Seventy-five participants graduated from this training with certificates in recognition of being equipped with knowledge on budgeting and savings, as small business owners.

The workshop was funded and supported by AusAID and facilitated by trainers from wards within Talasea LLG and who had prior training with BPNG.

The participants businesses comprised of canteens, village trade stores and roadside table markets. Before the program, these individuals did not have the required tools on hand to perform better savings and budgeting for their businesses.

There were 40 participants from the Talasea LLG and 35 from Kimbe Urban LLG. Commerce officers who had attended trainings conducted by the Centre for Excellence and Financial Inclusion (CEFI), assisted the trainers of the program. CEFI comes under Bank of PNG and it signed an MOU with the WNBPG to collaborate in this program.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Executive Manager for Commerce Bernard Bambai, said the program is a way forward and that they have tapped into something that has been lacking for many years.

“Bai yumi lukim planti change kamap insait long komuniti blo yumi. Bai yumi lukim ol planti ol pikinini blo yumi kisim skul na kisim save because you can budget you can save money and afford school fees,” said Bambai. (We will see a lot of change in our community. Many of our children will be educated because we can now budget and save money and afford school fees.)

Participants expressed gratitude in being a part of the training program. They agreed with Mr Bambai that it will bring much needed change to their communities. It has also taught them how to avoid financial losses.

Participant Nick Tabuka from Gabuna Ward 3 in Talasea LLG said, “This is my first time to attend such a training, and it is really an eye opener. I own a trade store for 2 years now and a poultry project. I earn money but I do not have knowledge of saving money. The money I deposit in the bank I withdraw again a little after a week. Olsem na, displa course emi helpim mipla tru ol participant long savings culture.” (This course has helped us participants understand the culture of saving.)

This Financial Literacy training was also held at Hoskins and Mosa LLGs. It will also be rolled out in Kandrian Gloucester District as well.

Carol Kidu