PDPA thanks partners for support

The devices include walking aids consisting of auxiliary crutches, elbow crutches and walking sticks which have been donated to all 27 recommended PDPA members.

The assistive devices were donated by AusAID and delivered to the PDPA through the assistance of Porgera Joint Venture.

During a handover ceremony, PDPA President, Thomas Petale, thanked AusAID as well as PJV for facilitating the delivery of the devices to them.

Petale, who is also an employee of PJV, commended PJV for recognising and supporting the population with disability in the district.

Medical ship ready for new deployment in PNG

An addition to this year’s program is another patrol tender donated by AusAID which will be used to transport health care teams and supplies to extremely remote areas  through  the MV YWAM PNG.

This will be in collaboration with local health authorities.

YWAM medmical ships Managing Director, Ken Mulligan says the new patrol tender will increase capacity to help mobilize training and health care patrols over large distances and strengthen the rural health sector.