Temporary Lae market opens

Residents in Lae city, Morobe Province, will be using the new temporary market while work starts on the old one.

The Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced the changes, saying the Main Market will no longer be in use effective Saturday, May 25th.

LCCI president, John Byrne, said: “All market service and vendors will be relocated to the temporary market located on Markham Road, operating from Monday 27th May 2024. This will likely be for a period of 18-24 months.”

The Lae City Authority temporary market safety officer, Monda Wuje, outlined that while the makeshift facility will operate as the old one, there is a change in ticketing for vendors. The new one operates on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

“When a vendor buys a ticket, they will follow that number and sit where the ticket indicates. The next day, they will not use that same spot. It depends on whoever gets the ticket for that area.”

The temporary market has 500 tables for vendors to sell their produce with measures put in place to avoid the chaos and infighting at the old facility.

Furthermore, LCCI outlined that all PMVs using the market PMV stop will be relocated as well, with heavier traffic conditions anticipated on Markham Road.

“Also, take care while driving in the area as the bollards dividing the road are difficult to see at night and when wet,” said Byrne.

“The Lae City Authority is addressing that with reflective tape or similar solution.”

The Lae Main Market redevelopment project, valued at K42 million, is led by the New Zealand government and supported by the Australian government and the Lae City Authority.

Once completed, it is envisioned to cater for 1,300 vendors and small and medium enterprises in a safe, accessible and inclusive venue.

Loop Author