Sydney investment conference starts

The 17th PNG Resources and Energy Investment Conference is underway in Sydney, Australia.

After delegates register at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the PNG Chamber of Commerce and Energy (CORE) Senior Vice President, Richard Kassman, is scheduled to open the pre-conference session.

Tasman Environmental Markets’ Chief Customer Officer, Adrian Enright, will start off presentations with a talk on ‘Delivering a Decarbonisation Strategy for the Resources Sector in Papua New Guinea’.

TEM focuses on removing carbon from the atmosphere by financing high-quality carbon offsetting projects. It is the Asia Pacific’s “largest voluntary market carbon credits provider”.

After Enright, there will be a presentation on ‘Opportunities for Electricity Investment in Papua New Guinea’ by Aicha Sow, Senior Operations Officer – Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island Countries, International Finance Corporation.

The National Energy Authority’s executive manager legal and compliance, Ms. Jeklin Talonu, will outline ‘Renewable Energy Policy and Regulation’ in PNG before the acting Managing Director of the Climate Change Development Authority, William Lakain, will speak on ‘Carbon Market Regulation in Papua New Guinea’.

From 2.15pm-2.30pm, ‘Opportunities for the PNG Extractive Industry to Drive Energy Access and Transition’ will be presented by the University of PNG Centre of Renewable Energy, Manu Rawali, before participants go for break.

Pre-Conference Session 2: Renewables And Energy Transition, will resume with an array of speakers from NiuPower Ltd, Dirio Gas & Power Company Limited, AG Investment (Edevu Hydro Project), PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd and Puma Energy.

The program will conclude for the day with an ‘exhibition opening networking cocktail function’ from 4.30pm-6.30pm. The function is sponsored by NiuPower and Wartsila.

From Monday to Wednesday, the program will start at 8.30am.

The investment conference program is designed to promote investment in PNG’s resources and energy sector.

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