Expat alleged to be leaking MRA info

An expatriate working for the Mineral Resources Authority is alleged to be leaking highly confidential data and information to mining companies in the country.

This was raised by Usino-Bundi MP, Jimmy Uguro, in Parliament on Thursday (August 30th), who asked the Mining Minister if he was aware of the alleged activity.

The Usino-Bundi MP alleges that the actions of the expatriate are delaying mining projects.

He added that the same individual was also awarded a work permit while he was still in the country.

“Is the Minister aware that there are some state highly confidential data and information being disclosed to mining companies by an expatriate working in a senior position in MRA?

“Is the Minister aware that the same expatriate is stopping a lot of economic mining projects with minor technical issues and has delayed the project?

“Is the Minister also aware that the same person was given the work permit whilst still working in the country?”

Minister Johnston Tuke said he was aware of the work permit issue and has advised authorities to look into it as well as the other allegations.

“I am not aware there is information being leaked out, but I will surely attend to that.

“I am mindful that we have Acts and Policies to go by, if that particular officer is seen to be conducting himself within the provision of the Act and Law, I will have no issue with that. But if he’s developing a stringent process to evade participation of companies, then I will look into it.”

Uguro also queried when a permanent appointment of the MRA Managing Director and MRA Chairmanship will be made.

Tuke said the process for the appointments has already begun.

“We have passed the (revised) MRA Act some months ago, and that has now been gazetted, so that’s in the process.

“Once that is through, I will be able to appoint a new board, and the board will then give me three names where I will put it through the process for appointment,” said Tuke.

Cedric Patjole