Mineral Resources Authority (MRA)

Hydrogeological Surveys Conducted In South Fly

The SFRP, supported by the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership aims to provide safe and reliable access to water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

The surveys determine the best locations for boreholes to access groundwater by assessing water quality, quantity and speed of storage, as well as proximity to the communities. Boreholes are groundwater sources and are more reliable during dry seasons.

MRA Geological Survey Division’s Executive Manager, Nathan Mosusu said he was pleased to work with Australia to improve the lives of rural communities.

Maintain Social Licenses

Managing Director of MRA, Jerry Garry raised this during his presentation at the Community Affairs and Media Workshop this week.

He said: “When the State gives a mining lease or special mining lease, we are giving that license holder the rights to mine. But the people who own the land, hold the social license. So how do we maintain that social license and is it a responsibility that should be co-shared by every stakeholder?

MRA embarks to reduce mercury usage

The Project aims to identify the extent to which mercury is used in the industry and how it is used and by whom,  in a bid to mitigate health risks.

On March 6th, the Reducing Mercury Use in Papua New Guinea’s Alluvial and Small-Scale Gold Mining Sector’ Project was launched in Port Moresby, following a workshop with key stakeholders and project partners.

The Alluvial Mining industry is one of the largest small to medium enterprise sectors in PNG that engages thousands of rural small scale miners.

Lease renewal process explained to LOs

This follows concerns raised by landowners that the Government must consult with them fully before making a decision on the Porgera mine lease extension after the mine licence expired in August last year.

Garry addressed the landowners in Porgera on Friday 10 January when the PLOA presented a petition intended for the Prime Minister, to the Minister for Mining, Johnson Tuke, supporting SML extension and the existing operator of the Porgera mine and calling on Government to renew the mine licence without delay.

MRA orders Basamuk plant’s closure

The Plant has closed down its processing operations on October 21st following the order.

The Basamuk Processing Plant was ordered to cease operations because it has failed to adequately rectify defects identified and recommended for rectification during the investigations by the Mineral Resources Authority’s mine inspectorate into the slurry overflow incident. This resulted in the spillage of slurry into the sea on August 24th.

The defects identified during the investigations, among others, were as follows:

Added value for MRA

Kaumu, who is at present the Mineral Resources Authority’s (MRA) Geological Database Specialist, took up the program Master of Science in GIS between 2017 and 2018. Her study focused on Geoinformatics. The study opportunity was possible through the Chevening Scholarship Awards, which is the UK government’s global scholarship program. It is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations.

NEC appoints new MRA MD

Hailing from Gumine District in Chimbu Province, Garry returns to PNG to take up the post after several years working in some of the most challenging countries in the world.

A function was held yesterday to welcome Garry.

The MRA hosted a function in Port Moresby to welcome Jerry Garry as the new MD for the MRA.

Present were Mining Minister, Johnston Tuke, Commerce and Industry Minister, Wera Mori, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister, William Samb, as well as Secretary for Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management (DMPGM), Harry Kore.

Barrick agrees to be party to revised MOA

The agreement was reached on October 31st 2018 in Kokopo, East New Britain, where the parties met to progress the negotiation of the revised MOA.

Barrick took over as operator of the Porgera Mine from PlacerDom in 2016 and had been an observer up until its agreement to join the revised MOA as a party.

As per the agreement Barrick means is now obliged to honor commitments listed under the revised MOA.

They include the resettlement exercise, training and development and supply & procurement, among others.

MRA tightens up on non-compliance

Under the Mining Act 1992, section 167 says, “a person shall not carry on exploration or mining on any land unless he is duly authorised under this Act”.

As part of these regulatory compliance responsibilities, the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) has warned alluvial miners who may be conducting unauthorised semi mechanised or mechanised alluvial mining to stop their activities.

This issue of unauthorised alluvial mining is predominant in the Wau and Bulolo areas of the Morobe Province.

Expat alleged to be leaking MRA info

This was raised by Usino-Bundi MP, Jimmy Uguro, in Parliament on Thursday (August 30th), who asked the Mining Minister if he was aware of the alleged activity.

The Usino-Bundi MP alleges that the actions of the expatriate are delaying mining projects.

He added that the same individual was also awarded a work permit while he was still in the country.

“Is the Minister aware that there are some state highly confidential data and information being disclosed to mining companies by an expatriate working in a senior position in MRA?