Aidan Ltd prepare for business trips

Aidan Limited a PNG owned international consultancy company for networking and business development is set to target Indonesia and the Philippines this year for local business matching.

The company aims to empower entrepreneurial professionals and create International Business Pathways (IBP) for Papua New Guinean businesses.

Two IBP Presentations are scheduled for the 19th and the 27th of April 2023, for entrepreneurs to know more about the IBP Model and system for SMEs who are looking to find overseas suppliers and buyers to grow their businesses.

Aidan Ltd managing director, Marianna Ellingson, shared that the IBP is 80 percent self-education and 20 percent other benefits from international exposure. Ellingson aims to open new business opportunities for Papua New Guineans to experience evolutionary entrepreneurial skills and develop their businesses.

“With Indonesia, we go to the event the Trade expo whereas with Philippines it’s the trade mission Philippines (Manila) the business there is that we develop the program, it’s like we have to custom make it to what the SME’s here might be looking for.”, she stated.

The trip to the Philippines will be in September whereas the Indonesian trip will be in October.

“I haven’t yet figured out whether it’s Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia or Vietnam next on the list of countries that can give opportunities for Papua New Guineans who might want to go to those countries for business. So I’m opening up those doors,” said Ellingson.

Ellingson added that she is opening doors for other entrepreneurs in different services as well like digital SME or MSME services.

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