It’s back to business for Oro Governor

Juffa, who was vocal in the Opposition camp, said he would now return to his province and carry on his duties as Governor of Oro.

“I am not interested in pursuing this matter further because I have limited time and resources. To those in Opposition who wish to go on with this, you may be right but it may be impractical and costly. It is a cost I simply cannot afford,” he said.

He said the vote of no-confidence showed that the Prime Minister has the confidence of the elected leaders in parliament.

Juffa demands good decisions from O’Neill

Juffa said although, he was on the other side of the house, all  that matters to him is to help the people.  

“I am in the Opposition that is a fact but I also support any positive efforts and any decisions by Government that are for the people and for this country,” he said.

“My anger and outrage and dissent and protestation will be directed at the policies and decisions that are not in the best interest of our people and PNG,” he said.

Obura-Wonenara MP joins Opposition

On Wednesday, another MP in the backbench has defected from the government ranks and joined the Opposition camp.

Opposition Leader Don Polye, on behalf of the coalition leaders in the camp, welcomed Obura-Wonenara MP Merra Minne Kipefa into the camp.

Polye said they were happy that their number was swelling each day.

“He doesn’t represent an urban district in but an isolated area in Eastern Highlands.

O’Neill welcomes Sir J’s move to Opposition

He said the nation and the Government thanks him for his service, but the global challenges that face the country are different today than in decades past.

“We were aware that Sir Julius had been planning to move to the Opposition for some time, and I am more than respect his decision,” O’Neill said.

“Government of today is faced by more complex global challenges than at any time in our history.

“We need the next generation of leaders, who are aware of global markets and are schooled in global politics, to lead our nation.

Government camp swells with MPs joining camp

As of last night, the head count was 75, according to reliable sources at the camp.

The source who wanted to remain anonymous told Loop PNG this morning that they are intact and confident to remain in the government.

More than 62 MPs along with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill left for Alotau on Sunday, while 10 of them arrived in Alotau on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Opposition camp in Port Moresby has been getting support from the people and former prime ministers.

Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare yesterday showed his support to the team by visiting the camp.

Alotau trip funded through Government coffers, Opposition alleges

In a media conference this afternoon in Port Moresby, Opposition leader Don Polye claimed that he has evidence that the money totaling up to more than K110 million, coming from government coffers, was used to fund the Alotau Camp.

He called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to come out clear and explain where that money came from to fund the camp.

Polye described such an exercise by O’Neill as ‘enticement and bribery’, clouding the members of parliament’s conscience.

Opposition raises concern on Parliament proceedings

The Opposition Leader in a media conference this afternoon said it is likely the Speaker will be introducing the Vote of no-confidence and the Members will debate and vote on it at the same time.

He said as per the Standing Orders of Parliament proceedings, it requires seven days when the vote of no-confidence is introduce for MPs to deliberate on.

He said the Opposition is ready to take the matter to court if this happens tomorrow.

Opposition set up camp

Opposition leader Don Polye revealed this at a press conference in Port Moresby.

However, the venue has not been mentioned.

He said the main aim of the camp was to give chance to other members of Parliament to join them and throw down the O'Neill-Dion government.

Polye said he is confident that MPs will be joining them within the five days.

Meanwhile, Parliament have been set to reconvene this Friday at 2pm after the Court ordered the Speaker Theo Zurenuoc to recall parliament within 5 days.

Opposition hails court verdict on no-confidence motion

In a press conference this afternoon, Opposition Leader Don Polye says the decision was a welcome news for democracy to prevail.

He said the Opposition members are intact and solid and called on other MPs to see this as justice done for the citizens of this great nation.

He called on Parliament Speaker Theo Zurenuoc to comply with the court order and recall parliament within the five days.

“Only then we can confidently say that the Parliament democracy has been followed."

Court: Recall parliament within 5 days

An order was also made to the clerk of parliament to place the notice of motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister as the first item of business of parliament on the first day of sitting.

In a unanimous decision, Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika and Justice Collin Makail granted a declaration that the motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister complied with technical requirements of section 145 of the Constitution and Standing Orders 22 and 130.